Forget Dieting: Movement And Alignment Are Key

When the body is aligned, your workout becomes dramatically more efficient. Correct posture flushes stubborn fat and creates energy so you won’t crave sweets and unhealthy snacks.

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We spend more than $60 billion a year on diet and weight loss products. The average woman will attempt to lose weight seven times throughout her life (“average” meaning half of us will try many more times than that.) But doctors and researchers know that diets don’t work. In fact, they may work against you.

A recent study of about 9,000 dieters found that the more often a person tried to shed pounds, the higher his or her weight and Body Mass Index rose. “Diet once, and the odds of weight gain almost double,” says Rebecca Scritchfield, RD, author of Body Kindness: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out and Never Say Diet Again. “Diet twice, and they nearly triple.” Dieting has also been tied with stress, depression, preoccupation with food, binge eating and other not-so-healthy effects.

So what can you do if you want to get healthy, but don’t want to end up anxious, stressed, addicted to food, chained to diet rules, and just plain miserable?

At Elev8d, we think the answer is simple: Get moving, align your body, and the rest will fall into place.

How you move is key

You’ve likely heard that first part before – exercise is a key component of nearly any weight loss plan. But we don’t want you slogging away on an elliptical in your basement for 45 minutes, or spending hours in the gym. Traditional fitness programs focus on quantity, but here, we’re more concerned with quality.

Created by Pete Egoscue, the father of modern postural therapy, Elev8d Fitness is predicated on 8 Core Movements that compel a full range of motion, helping you align your body and achieve maximum fitness through workouts that are short, yes, but effective.

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It’s all about alignment and posture. Imagine someone sitting on a weight bench, dumbbells in hand, hopeful to one day have strong, toned shoulders and triceps. Picture this person with the typical American computer-acquired posture: rounded, slumped back…concave chest…head jutting forward…hips rolled forward into flexion.

Now, he or she raises those dumbbells out to the side for 15 reps. Instead of working the shoulders, the upper back and neck take the brunt of the effort, and instead of ending up with toned arms, he or she is more apt to earn a crick in the neck, or worse. And because muscle burns more calories than fat, a person attempting to strength train with improper form is not going to gain the muscles she wants, thus depriving herself of the opportunity to burn more calories, both during the workout as well as at rest.

“Skeletal misalignment and muscular disengagement undermine the effects of strength training; it happens all the time,” Egoscue explains, “The muscles you end up strengthening actually make you stiffer, less stable and more injury-prone.”

The good news

Elev8d doesn’t require weights to build strength; you’ll break a sweat; your eight load-bearing joints (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) will all fall into proper alignment; and you’ll employ a full range of motion with your joints and limbs, recruiting your largest muscles and enabling you to achieve better fitness results in far less time then you’re likely used to.

When you are consistent with our exercise routine, you’ll align your skeleton so that your muscles can work in harmony and can function at max capacity. “With better alignment, you’ll also find that you can get more activity done in a more efficient way all throughout your day,” adds Brian Bradley, Fitness Director for Elev8d. “Your deep postural muscles, like your hip flexors, will be turned on from your Elev8d workout, which will impact your heel strike, meaning every step you take will count as exercise. ”

And because the lymphatic system travels through the ball-and-socket joints of your hips, your hips will be getting the full extension Mother Nature intended, so the lymph, or fluid that travels throughout and powers the lymphatic system, won’t gets trapped…a common phenomenon that can express itself in accumulated weight around the hips and rear end.

Aligning your skelature also breathes more oxygen into your system, so you won’t get that sluggish, where’s-my-snack feeling that always seems to pop up mid-afternoon. As a bonus, your turned-up metabolism will reduce your reliance on sugar and caffeine for quick energy hits.

Two Elev8d ambassadors, Kelly Lux and Andy Simon, have lost more than ten pounds each without consciously changing their eating habits. What had changed: They were doing Elev8d consistently for 12 weeks. Their energy shot up, their joints became more aligned, and their clothing size dropped.

That’s the remarkable thing about Elev8d Fitness: Once your body shifts into alignment, it works more efficiently…and so do you.

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