Tone Your Whole Body by Memorial Day (in Just 8 Minutes a Day!)

Get comfortable in your own skin! Elev8d’s low intensity method will not only tone and strengthen, it will improve alignment, posture, and overall well-being.

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Gone are the days when the mere thought of getting in a swimsuit would have us running to the gym or signing up for a cleanse. No matter what you’ve been told, every body—regardless of size, shape, or muscle definition—is a beach body, and slipping on a spandex suit shouldn’t mean weeks of punishing workouts and deprivation dieting.

The fact is, you can look and feel your best with just 8 minutes a day of exercise and the liberating mindset that comes with it. Elev8d Fitness offers a new approach to fitness through low intensity interval training (LIIT) workouts that incorporate simple, form-focused movements. The program strengthens and tones, yes—but the alignment-based exercises also improve posture, digestion, and overall well-being.

Build Muscle More Effectively

Form is fundamental to the Elev8d program. Rather than high intensity exercises where form is sacrificed in the name of speed and maximum effort, Elev8d exercises are deliberate and focused. Each movement is designed to align the body and activate 100% of the muscle. “That’s why form is critical,” explains Brian Bradley, Fitness Director of Elev8d. “Slip on form and you work less of the muscle. It’s that simple.”

Take a plank, for example. You typically round your shoulders in a plank to distribute the work between your anterior and the muscles around your shoulder blades. The problem is that this form uses only about 30% of the muscles that the plank is designed to work. “When you round the shoulder blades you take the hips out of the equation. Which is the root of all the core muscles”

However, pinching the shoulder blades in the plank position takes the work out of the shoulders and aligns the hip and the torso. “If you correct the balance of the pelvis and its relationship to the ribcage and spine, the core will fire automatically to stabilize you,” explains Bradley. This fires not only the stomach muscles (rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, and obliques) but all the myriad of muscles that are connected to the hips (pelvic floor, iliopsoas, hip flexors, psoas, and so on). That, in turn, raises your metabolic rate—simply because these muscles don’t often engage at their fullest. “In the rounded-shoulder plank, you’ve only been training 30% of the muscle tissue and we’re about training 100% of the muscle tissue,” explains Bradley.

That’s the secret to Elev8d’s short, low intensity workouts. They don’t seem like much at first glance but the exercises pack a punch—targeting the deep muscle groups responsible for true, total body strength (psoas, hip flexors, thoracic, and core).

Functional Movements Challenge Every Muscle

Through focusing on alignment and proper form, and strategically working all key large and small muscle groups, Elev8d redefines not only what it means for a body to “be in shape” but also be optimally functional.

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Often, hard aerobic exercise takes the form of a singular, repetitive motion like running, cycling, or swimming. And while these activities are fantastic for endurance and burning calories—they aren’t focused on toning the total body.

Elev8d’s dynamic and varied exercises are based on all of the movements that the body is designed to do to be functional—strengthening all of the muscles in the body by requiring you to do everything from stork walks to bear crawls. Each workout is designed to take the body through a combination of exercises that uses the whole body and moves in all different directions, conditioning and toning the underused muscles that aren’t accounted for in a 40 minute jog.

Feel at Ease in Your Own Body

The Elev8d LIIT method is proven to tone and strengthen muscles, but the alignment component improves posture and well-being. “Elev8d should enhance your life overall,” says Bradley. “Because it’s not what you do—it’s the body you bring to what you do.” In other words, when you align and strengthen your body, you’re ready for anything, you feel more comfortable in your own skin. And beach season or not, that’s something to celebrate.

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