Try This One-Minute Energy Boost

Need to combat mid-afternoon fatigue? Try this quick and easy workout. Each exercise is designed to align the body to bring more oxygen to the muscles so that you’ll feel awake and energized.

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When energy flags in the post-lunch lull, it’s all too easy to turn to sugar and caffeine. These three (seemingly simple!) exercises boost energy by balancing muscle engagement and restoring postural alignment. When you fire your deeper, larger muscles, (such as the hip-flexors in the Downward Dog Bent Knee) your body burns more energy in a shorter amount of time which brings more oxygen into those bigger muscles. In other words, when you burn energy more efficiently, you feel instantly more energetic. Take a minute and give it a try!

Active Cows Face | 15x Per Side

Put your feet fist-width apart and point them straight ahead; you may even pigeon-toe them slightly.

Take your right arm towards the head and reach to the center of the back while you simultaneously bring your left arm up from the hip to the center of the back, getting the fingers as close to touching as possible.

Return arms to their original position then repeat process with opposite arms, bringing the left to the center of the back from above, the right from beneath.

Downward Dog Bent Knee | 30 Seconds

Start on hands and knees and then push into a downward dog.

Bend the knees but not all the way to the ground.

Pull the hips back to the heels, keeping the pelvis angled up and the back flat. You should feel this in the hip-flexors.

Arm Circles | 40x

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Put your your hands in a golfers grip: thumbs up, your fingers folded forward so that the tips are on the top pads of your palms.

Extend your arms directly sideways, straight, point your thumbs forward, hands palms down, and pinch your shoulder blades back.

Circle your arms forward. Keep your shoulder blades pinched.

Next, flip your hands palms up, thumbs pointed backward, and circle your arms backwards.

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