If You’re a Runner, Read This Testimonial

Through deliberate, form-focused movements, this groundbreaking method is transforming endurance and efficiency for professional runners.

May 16, 2018 | by

Jeff Yorke is an avid runner and sports agent who runs between 30 to 40 miles per week. We asked him to try Elev8d Fitness as a supplemental workout to his runs. One month in, he is feeling better and fitter than ever.

From Part-Time Passion to Professional

As a kid growing up in rural upstate New York, Yorke was always outside, always active. Over the decades he’s all but lost himself in cycling, mountain biking, motocross, and running. But running is the thing that stuck. For decades, Yorke has gravitated towards endurance exercise—probably because he’s good at it. He is built like a runner, long and lean. He regularly runs long distances up to about 20 miles. “I go up to the Catskills or Harriman on the weekends and run trails,” he says. “But it’s broken up. There’s some scrambling and hiking.”

Years ago, working as a cameraman, Yorke shot a special interest piece on a group of Kenyans training for a US marathon. He got to know some of the runners during the shoot and kept in touch. What started as friendly stateside help with visas and travel has now blossomed into a full blown career. Yorke now manages professional Kenyan runners for NRG Sports Group and facilitates everything from scheduling to training plans. “It was just a sideline thing that arose out of my interest in running,” says Yorke. “And going over there (Kenya), I got exposure to a much more intensive pursuit of the sport. Unlike here, no one jogs for fitness. It’s attached to a paycheck.”

But Yorke doesn’t personally compete. If you ask him why, he’ll tell you simply, “I’m not a morning person.” For him, it’s about finding his current threshold, “It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you always have that threshold,” he explains. “You can push yourself to be more efficient or maintain good form. You can self monitor and I like that aspect of it.” And sure, he’ll train with some of his Kenyan athletes from time to time to get a little push. “You really do improve when you’re running alongside someone who’s doing what you’re doing but he’s not making any noise with his footfalls.”

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We asked Yorke to keep a simple log during his trial month that recorded how his body was feeling— what changed, what stayed the same. Even after just one month of Elev8d workouts, Yorke reported feeling better than ever—on runs but also after exercising, when he would typically feel tight and sore. Where he previously supplemented his weekly runs with core work, strength training, and traditional stretching, he found that eight minutes a day of Elev8d’s alignment-based exercises did the trick. Here are his general comments on endurance, efficiency, and Elev8d workouts.

Elev8d Fitness Is the Perfect Complement to Running

Through my own trial and error, I found that I prefer to do the workouts after a run rather than before and instead of doing eight-minute workouts and going out on a run, I’ve mixed it up and started doing longer 16- and 24-minute sessions. Elev8d has taken the place of the other stretching and core exercises I used to do. I find the workouts to be more enjoyable and less strenuous while providing the same level of benefit, which is surprising. Either Elev8d is quite effective or I was doing way too much before. It’s nice to have it all combined. It’s a really good complement to running.

Better Alignment Means Better Form

The professional runners who rise to the top all exhibit the end goals of Elev8d—symmetry, alignment, biomechanical form and efficiency. Having your body in alignment and being prepared to run is super important. If you have some sort of asymmetry in your body—that’s going to go into the run. When you see great runners—they’re floating along and looking relaxed. My hips seem better aligned and I feel relaxed and more upright— which translates to maintaining good form on runs even through fatigue. I’ve also noticed an effect on my overall posture.

Efficiency is Everything

If you’re not moving efficiently, you’re wasting energy. Core strength and alignment are the essential elements for running efficiently and I’m definitely feeling a change with Elev8d. There are particular movements where I can really feel like they are building my core strength. The workouts have generally left me feeling loose and warmed up. I normally take the first mile of a run at a slower warm-up pace but that hasn’t been needed as much. I find myself getting into regular run pace sooner.

You’ll Feel Less Tight and Sore After Your Runs

I think my particular issues are that I get a build up of tightness in the hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors and therefore reduced mobility. Elev8d has been effective in reducing the running related tightness before it builds up, but it’s also increased flexibility. I’ve almost stopped doing any additional stretching after running. The side unders exercise is particularly helpful in loosening up my hips and upper hamstrings. And then on top of that, the core exercises were really effective as a separate set aside core workout and required a lot less time and energy investment.

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