I Tried It: Regaining Core Strength

How Elev8d Fitness helped this personal trainer and new mom get her body back on track.

February 6, 2018 | by

I am always up for experimenting with new workouts and new ways to challenge my body and core. I am strong believer that movement is key to not only living a fulfilled life physically, but also mentally.

In the past, I taught dance classes several times a week and often came home with aches and pains in both my knees and back. I also developed pain in the top of my foot, the extensor tendonitis.

I was changing my sneakers every six months! However, I was still feeling pain. I tried acupuncture, but it’s certainly not the cheapest solution. Gradually, the pain went away with homeopathic methods and by switching up my workout routine. I did some research on adjusting my form. Fellow instructors within the industry said these aches and pains just come with the territory, but I knew there had to be a better way!

After just two weeks, Elev8d Fitness not only eased the discomfort but trained my body to move in a way it hasn’t before, strengthening muscles that have stabilized my foot.

Workout Selection

I decided to to go with the Tighten and Tone 8-minute workout and Flat Belly 16-minute workout. My goal was to regain strength in my core. I was in the best shape of my life before my pregnancy last year and I wanted to attain that same level of fitness again. Also, having a toddler requires a lot of movement! Developing strength in my entire body is crucial in my everyday life.

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Week One

During my first week of Elev8d Fitness, I found the length of the workouts to be the biggest plus. Finding time for fitness has been one of the biggest challenges since having my child. In the past, I’ve overlooked short workouts for fear that they wouldn’t offer the same benefits as a traditional one-hour workout. With Elev8d Fitness, I have changed my tune!

It was so easy to sneak in the 8-minute Tighten and Tone workout. I usually did both workouts back to back, but if time did not permit, I would do both workouts at different times of the day. The Flat Belly workout was easier to do after I had just taught a class. The studio mirrors helped me concentrate on form. At the end of the first week, I honestly already started to see a difference in my arms and core. I took a mental note of the daily changes before starting each workout.

Week Two

By week two, I was more familiar with the workouts and didn’t need to refer to the video descriptions very often. I could move in a more fluid motion as I worked through each exercise. I favored the exercises that encouraged me to train my body in non-traditional ways. I would have never considered Gator Walks as an option on my own. The definition I started to see in the beginning was now becoming more obvious with each workout. The regular inclusion of movements like Cat and Dog and Alps added a nice variation as I usually don’t take the extra time to move my body in this fashion. After each workout, I could have definitely done another workout or gone longer if time permitted. I feel like the sessions got me revved up—not only to complete the workout—but to do another one!

Elev8d Fitness is not a quick fix. However, it is a lasting one. I am looking forward to new workouts and challenging my body for the better.

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