Get Moving With Elev8d Fitness: San Diego

In late January, we hosted an inaugural Elev8d workout event. Fitness Director Brian Bradley took the group through two eight-minute workouts. Here are a few testimonials post-workout!

January 27, 2018 | by

For the last couple years my knees have become weaker and weaker. I’ve gone to the doctor a million times and recently collapsed out of nowhere. The doctor just told me to just keep walking how I’m walking but I still struggled to get up and down stairs. After the workout, I tried purposely not to touch the rail and it was a piece of cake to walk up the stairs. That was amazing to me. I mean truly amazing.
—LINDA, 70

This would be a great thing for me to do to warm up my body and joints to then go lift weights. I’d want to do an eight minute Elev8d workout and then go do my lifting session.
—ZACH, 27

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Honestly my biggest takeaway is that it’s fun and short. This is appealing because I don’t mind the little bursts of intensity but I just don’t want it to last for a whole hour! My favorite exercise is probably the bear crawl and the finish line abs, because I can feel it working!

I noticed a huge difference when Brian asked us to bend over and touch our toes. It felt very tight at first. But then when we did the entire rep, we touched our toes again and my hands were able to go almost completely to the ground.

I felt like before I came today I was really tight everywhere but then after we finished I feel a lot looser, like more of a free range of motion all over. I work in an office and I sit all day long. Because these workouts are so short, I feel like I could do this on my lunch break and come back to work feeling so much better.
—JENNY, 27

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