Functionally Fit At Every Age

Inspiration | March 20, 2018

The importance of an aligned and functional body is crucial whether you are eighteen or eighty. Three generations of women test their fitness level with Elev8d director Brian Bradley.

A New Normal: Rebalancing As An Amputee

Inspiration | March 16, 2018

Photographer and athlete Joel Caldwell doesn’t believe in limitations. Learn how Elev8d Fitness gave this new amputee strength and balance.

Elev8d Inspiration: Life After Table Tennis

Inspiration | February 27, 2018

Elev8d Fitness Director Brian Bradley helped sisters Mina and Brana train for their professional table tennis careers. Now, as fit professionals in their 30’s, they’re looking to him again for guidance.

Get Moving With Elev8d Fitness: Carmel, Indiana

Inspiration | February 20, 2018

This Valentines Day, we visited a middle school in Carmel, Indiana for a day of Elev8d workouts! Our Elev8d trainers took four groups of teachers through two eight-minute workouts. Here are a few testimonials post-workout.

Peculiar Play: Underwater Hockey

Inspiration | February 15, 2018

Welcome back to Peculiar Play, our occasional series highlighting the best and weirdest sports in the world. Today, we dive into underwater hockey, a game that trades skates for fins and challenges lung capacity on a whole new level. The objective remains the same: to score and have fun.

I Tried It: Regaining Core Strength

Inspiration | February 6, 2018

How Elev8d Fitness helped this personal trainer and new mom get her body back on track.

Peculiar Play: Bossaball

Inspiration | February 2, 2018

Peculiar Indeed. It’s part volleyball, part soccer, with a dash of funky music and the spring of a trampoline. The beauty of the game is the priority on play!

Get Moving With Elev8d Fitness: San Diego

Inspiration | January 27, 2018

In late January, we hosted an inaugural Elev8d workout event. Fitness Director Brian Bradley took the group through two eight-minute workouts. Here are a few testimonials post-workout!

Elev8 Your Everyday: Fitness Inspiration

Inspiration | January 17, 2018

Most of us mere mortals need something more than a self-inflicted kick in the keister to stick with an exercise routine. How about that underappreciated calorie burner called fun?

Athlete’s Advantage

Inspiration | December 12, 2017

The Road to Recovery

Inspiration | December 12, 2017

A broken down runner makes a remarkable comeback with a little help from a friend—and a one-of-a-kind workout.

Rebuilding Herself

Inspiration | December 12, 2017

I Tried It: Elev8d Functional Fitness

Inspiration | December 12, 2017

Fitness On His Terms

Inspiration | December 12, 2017

Work, travel and life can leave us with little time for our own fitness. Here’s how a busy executive found a shortcut to better health.  

A Busy Mom’s Big Breakthrough

Inspiration | December 9, 2017

With three kids under four, Kelly finds that Elev8d gives her the results she wants in the time she needs.

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