Try This Simple Trick To Transform Your Strength Training

With a few key adjustments from Elev8d Fitness Director Brian Bradley, this basic movement, a lat pulldown, becomes a fully efficient, total body exercise. See for yourself!

March 6, 2018 | by

It’s simple really. If you perform an exercise in poor form, it often means that you use only a percentage of the total muscle you’re intending to work. When the body is aligned and has full range of motion, however, it allows for 100% of the muscle to work. Take a simple plank for example: If you watch the average gym-goer settle into a plank position, their shoulder blades are rolled to the side and the upper back is rounded. This ‘incomplete plank’, as it were, is actually only working the rectus abdominis. However if you sink the upper back and pinch the shoulder blades together, you engage the anterior and work the entire core—obliques, transverse abdominis, psoas, and iliacus. In this way, the shoulder blades are actually the key that unlocks the ab work, allowing the core to engage 100%. In this short video, Elev8d Fitness Director Brian Bradley make a small adjustment to the pelvis to unlock the lats (latissimus dorsi).

For more about the role of alignment and the hips in total body fitness, read Your #1 Goal is to Become Hip Driven.

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