Try the 8×8 Challenge

A total body workout in just eight minutes! The combination of these eight exercises will burn quick calories, get the heart pumping, and create energy.

January 19, 2018 | by
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This fast moving calorie burner will get your heart pumping and create energy. Each exercise lasts 50 seconds with a ten second rest period in between. The entire eight minute workout utilizes all the eight core movements that make up the foundation of Elev8d Fitness.

Every Elev8d workout is designed in a specific sequence to align the eight load-bearing joints (two shoulders, two hips, two knees, two ankles) so that your body can function at max capacity. In other words, aligning your skelature allows you to activate deeper muscles and therefore burn a lot more energy in a shorter amount of time. What’s more, this deeper access to larger muscles brings more oxygen to the system and creates energy. Now that is the definition of a total body workout!

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