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Total body alignment and range of motion is crucial to efficiency. Elev8d workouts emphasize alignment and form so that you yield results without diminishing returns.

March 13, 2018 | by

From popular TED talks to best-selling books, the zeitgeist is abuzz these days about being “in the flow.” Finding “flow” or getting “in the zone” as many people, especially fitness-minded folks, put it, is to hit that sweet spot of peak performance, where focus is zeroed in, effort dissipates and joy ensues. Athletes, artists, writers, musicians, actors, yogis, students, corporate execs—they all are seeking the ultimate payoff—that ephemeral moment where flow takes over. B.B. King surely got in the zone while performing, his eyes closed and fingers jamming on his beloved guitar, Lucille. Think Roger Federer on the tennis court, or Meryl Streep on stage.

To be in the zone is to savor the bliss of being fully focused and immersed in whatever your activity may be. In the zone, the ego moves to the sidelines and that nagging internal naysayer always whispering in your ear (Do more! Go faster! That’s not right!) finally shuts up, and you find your happy place. Runners call it a runner’s high. Distance swimmers and cyclists describe something similar. The whirling dervishes whirled their way into it.

But the zone is illusive.

The zone is difficult to find and even harder to sustain.

The zone is deliciously beautiful and addictive in the best way. Once you experience it you want more, but that “more” can be hard to come by.

Lucky is the person who achieves a sense of flow and finds their zone, and can sustain it. And luckily, Elev8d Fitness can help.

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Think about fine-tuning a guitar, making tiny adjustments here to there create a beautiful, integrated harmony of chords. Your body is the same: you have to continuously make small adjustments to stay in alignment, so that your body functions as a single system, rather than a collection of parts.

Elev8d‘s strategic exercises are designed to align the body and strengthen core muscle groups to enable balanced, natural movement. Elev8d is a master class in reclaiming the body’s innate mechanics—the physical flow that we were all born with but our modern and largely sedentary lifestyles robs from us. In essence, balancing your body—that is, total-body alignment—makes everything else less effortful, your body becomes primed to be zone-receptive.

Elev8d’s balanced approach teaches the body to move in safe, efficient ways, so zone states become more readily accessible, no matter your sport or movement preference. The premise is much like that of yoga—which in its most ancient, pure form, is simply a physical practice to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Again, that fundamental body-mind integration.

In today’s world of seemingly constant interruptions and distractions, experiencing moments of peak flow and performance are increasingly precious and rare. Which makes it all the more important to be intentional about seeking them, and doing the groundwork, the practice and exercises, that prep the mind and body to experience the freedom and exhilaration that comes from being in the zone.

I know that when I wake up early to go swim laps or ride my bike, my motivation is less about some svelte physique and muscle tone as it is the mental and spiritual benefits I reap. The release of stress, the time and space to dream and let my mind wander, to zone out. For me, that’s what getting in the zone is all about, and I’ve found that Elev8d Fitness strengthens my body in a way that’s easy and makes sense, enabling me to more fully and more flow-fully pursue other activities I love that help me get in the zone.

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